A Trip to the Past (Grades 2 to 4)


Take a trip to the past and experience colonial life first-hand.  This program includes an interactive house tour, outside walk , costume talk, and colonial games.  Please book your class trip early to avoid disappointment.  Both pre-visit and post-visit activities are available. 

Curriculum Outcome Links

Grade Two Specific Learning Outcomes (Social Studies):

Students will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how individuals and groups have contributed to change (SS 2.1.2)
  • Demonstrate an understanding that people have changed technology over time to meet their needs, wants, and interests (SS 2.2.2)
  • Describe how people’s interactions with their environment have changed over time (SS 2.4.2)

Grade Three Specific Learning Outcomes (Social Studies):

Students will:

  • Examine where people live and how people make a living in their province (SS 3.1.3)
  • Examine the origins of the diverse peoples in their province (SS 3.2.1)

Grade Four Specific Learning Outcomes (Social Studies):

Students will:

  • Examine the stories of various explorers (innovators) of land, ocean, space, and ideas. (SS 4.2.1)
  • Analyze factors that motivate exploration (innovation). (SS 4.2.2)
  • Evaluate the impact of exploration (innovation) over time. (SS 4.2.3)


120 minutes

Program Capacity

3 classes (90 students maximum)


June through September     

Program Outline


Upon arrival, students will be directed to the Carriage House where they will receive an orientation to the site.

Costume Talk (30 minutes)

The Costume Talk is the first program activity, and will be presented to all the  students at once while in the Carriage House.  It will introduce the students to colonial life as they observe and participate in a demonstration of male and female clothing that would have been worn 200 years ago.

The students will then be divided into groups that will rotate between the remaining three activities.  Each group participates in all components of the program.

House Tour (30 minutes)

While touring the house, students will focus on the lives of families in the 1800s.  They will examine artifacts relating to family life and engage in discussions as to how technology has changed and why family life has both changed and remained the same over the last 200 years.   

Colonial Games (30 minutes)

To experience pastimes of children in the early 1800’s, students will get to try their hand at various toys and games that were popular in colonial times, such as stilt walking, rolling hoops and graces.

Outside Walk (30 minutes)

The Uniacke Estate grounds tell a social studies story, with interesting aspects of landscape as well as unique features that were introduced.  As students explore the grounds and study colonial methods of travel, they will be able to discuss and see evidence of why Richard John Uniacke chose to build his home here, and how his family interacted with nature.

Role of the Teacher and Chaperons

  • Stay with the group of students during all times.
  • Remain responsible for safety and behavior of students.
  • Encourage student questioning and participation.

Information and Reservations

To reserve your program, contact Winfried Viebahn at the Museum Phone: (902) 866-0032 Fax (902) 866-2450
Off Season: Contact Us

We encourage you to book early!